Markit | Genpact KYC Services

Markit І Genpact KYC Services provides a standardised, end-to-end managed service that centralises “Know Your Client” (KYC) data and process management for banks whilst providing their counterparties a single solution for distributing KYC documents and data.

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Register to upload your KYC data and documents. Learn more about how you can use Markit Genpact KYC Services to support a single workflow for onboarding with your bank counterparties, giving you the ability to maintain one single golden copy of KYC data in one place, using one set of standards.


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  • 80kentities already represented
  • 5,900customers already leveraging existing technology (900 buyside, 5,000 corporates)

Product Summary

The service provides a single, easy to navigate interface for managing KYC profiles and regulatory classification data. It enables contributing firms to efficiently store, disseminate and control permissions for viewing KYC data within a secure environment.

Entities are identified once globally and then maintained to a defined industry standard.

It offers standardised and repeatable processes to help streamline KYC, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Client Onboarding processes.

The flexibility of the service enables users to adapt to new and changing regulatory requirements, helping to ensure that KYC profiles remain in compliance regulation while minimising business impact.

    Key Benefits

    • Integrated workflow

      Seamless electronic integration between trading counterparties, building on the existing Markit Counterparty Manager platform, which offers a secure environment for firms to upload, disseminate and maintain over 200 documentation types across 45 categories

    • Data quality

      Single master set of high quality data created and maintained centrally

    • Consistency

      A standardised approach to KYC processes throughout the industry, reducing duplicative requests for information and delays in the Client onboarding process

    • Efficiency

      Annual refresh cycles mean documents/clarifications only need to be provided once a year

    • Reduced time to market

      Access to high quality data, leading to new trading lines being opened more quickly


    • KYC action plans 2014

      Looked at from a data perspective, many of the new financial regulations have overlapping requirements that come back to customer data.


      Banking Technology joined forces with Markit І Genpact KYC Services and regulatory specialist JWG to look at how firms are approaching the challenges this poses.




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